A mama of two boys

So this is the start of my second week out of the hospital after we had Grayson and my second day without the help of my great husband.

Who would have known that I would have been a mom of two boys-??? Uhh-maybe three if we include Melvin-my second half... I can't express how much this shocks me because not only do I have one energized boy...I have another one following behind him. I'm blessed to be able to do my regular activities after a week they were born because I don't think Melvin and I could of done it otherwise. Just like right at this very moment as an example...my newborn decided he was lacking my attention by coughing/spitting up on his own fluid and made me feel like wonder woman coming to his rescue. Boys. God I'm thankful for them and they are true blessings that we will cherish forever. I'm going to need a lot of woman intervention after all the video games, dirty underwear, and messes that come with boys.