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Maryland Fine Art Wedding Photography

Meet Lyn | Leland


 Hi Everyone! So Lyn and Leland are our middle names but you can call us Bekki and Mario. We love to laugh and be silly. Life is too short and we need to enjoy it while we can.

Above is one of our many wedding pictures from our wedding in 2011. We feel like this is fitting since majority of our work is weddings. This particular picture shows how much emotion is going on in one shot…yes-we smashed our wedding cake in each other faces. Ha! Sometimes we need to shut up and eat some cake!

We have two boys that run our lives majority of the time. They can be some sweet monsters and know how to use their secret powers on us. Our oldest is going through his terrible threes and we swear his crying and whining has enhanced to the fullest power. Our youngest hits his older brother all the time and takes his brothers food. They are some cute destructive boys and guess we’ll keep them. Hehee.

Take a look at our life at a glance below.

What you might not know about us….