How do I design my own life through my lens?


Hello, I’m Rebekah, Bekki, or Bekah and I love popcorn💖. When I was younger my mom called me the “popcorn queen” because I was Obsessed with the buttery goodness.

Some random details of me is, i love to sing-even though i can't ,l love to dance to latin music ,  i love the crisp-apple-pumpkin-fall season, i hate spiders, i laugh a lot, i enjoy reading my ebook like its a movie, my favorite actress is zhang ziyi, i stare at people walking by me(my husband gets on me about that) i love to work out with shaun-t dvds. i'm emotional person who cares deeply about people, i love "off the shoulder" dresses and shirts, i drink coffee almost everyday, i enjoy an occasional bottle of peach bellini, i make silly faces-not even knowing i do,  

Anyways, If I’m Not Making Popcorn I’m Capturing Scenic Views With My Camera. When My Lovely Husband Drives, I Just Look Out Into The World And Have To Stop Him And Tell Him To Pull Over If Anything Catches My Eye. I Can Be A Bit Spontaneous. I Enjoy Capturing Clouds And The Ocean The Most. I Have Two Very Handsome Curly Hair boys and their names are MJ and Grayson. They both Make My Heart Swell Every Time I See and Think about them. My Life Revolves Around these boys And they make very Interesting Models.


I love to paint with markers and acrylic. my philosophy in life is to design it the way you think it should be. we’re all here to live and i for one don’t take it lightly.  every moment is precious and that’s why i capture families, weddings, etc.

Be obsessed with something good in life.  

I enjoy my husband & i creative minds together to make the best out of everything. that is why lyn Leland is both of our middle names side by side.


I Graduated From The Art Institute Of Pittsburgh With A Bachelor's Of Science In Interior Design In 2009.  As You Can See I Continued My Passion For Art Through The Direction Of Taking Creative Pictures.  I Appreciate The Work Of Layouts Through My Placement Skills To Make Your Photographs Unique And Beautiful.

I have no real genre for photographing, i just simply design life for my clients in a photographic way.

 I'm always trying to create events to capture helping others and myself feel better about ourselves because sometimes we need to come from behind the camera.

 I would love to hear back from you!

-Rebekah Lyn

Thanks for the beautiful pictures with the best prices I ever seen. It really doesn’t get any better, you made everyone comfortable and the pictures turned out great.
— Danielle and Henry